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We are proud to offer Yoga in Orlando, Floridayoga as part of our program for overall health and beauty. Like Pilates, Yoga is a form of low-impact exercise conducive to sculpting your muscles.

Yoga began nearly 3000 years ago as a set of mental and physical exercises designed to yoke the body and spirit together to perform the common tasks of life in harmony with the underlying nature of existence.  Described in the Hindu Upanishads, texts written between 800 BCE and 200 BCE, the goal of yoga was spiritual discipline and clarity through precisely controlled movements and meditation.

Recently, yoga has become somewhat divorced from its original religious context, but it offers health benefits that go beyond physical health to include what even non-Hindus would describe as mental, even "spiritual" enrichment. 

There is no doubt that yoga is great exercise.  Anyone who has done any yoga at all will tell you that you work your muscles in a healthy, low-impact fashion.  But what about the so-called spiritual benefits?  Are they real? 

Yes. In modern scientific terms, yoga stimulates the body's kinesthetic (motion-sensing) senses and proprioreceptors (self-positioning sensors) in a way that exercises and makes the brain more aware of the nerve pathways that control motion and transmit sensory data to the brain.  This leads to what is generally described as a greater sense of "clarity" in the mind or "harmony" between the mind and the body. 

If you are looking for a great workout that can also reduce stress and improve your mental health, then yoga is a great option.  To learn more, call or e-mail us today to join a yoga class today.