Venus Legacy™ Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

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Cellulite Treatment | Orlando Plastic SurgeonYou may be one of the millions of Americans that has tried everything, but still has some excess fat, loose skin, or cellulite in patches on your body. Perhaps you’ve tried all of diets, exercise, and over-the-counter treatments, but that unsightly skin remains. The solution may be to receive Venus Legacy™ treatments from our double Board-Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Hartog and his team of certified Venus technicians.

How Does Venus Legacy™ Work?

Venus Legacy™ is an FDA-cleared device that uses 4D® technology to treat your loose skin and cellulite. 4D® technology combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF) and VariPulse™ technologies to deliver astounding results.

When sent into the skin, the pulses create a warming effect within the treated area that causes the skin to tighten, reducing wrinkles and cellulite.

By sending these safe electro-magnetic pulses into your troublesome areas, our Florida cosmetic surgeon can provide the following by using Venus Legacy™:

  • Non-invasive, non-surgical treatments
  • No pain
  • Increased blood flow to the treated area for cellulite reduction
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Skin tightening

How Long Does Venus Legacy™ Take?

Depending on the area you’d like treated, Venus Legacy™ may take several sessions. Most sessions will last between 30 and 40 minutes and will be comfortably performed by our skilled team at Winter Park, Florida’s The Bougainvillea Clinique. In most cases, the following is required for maximum results:

  • Face - 6 treatments, minimum
  • Neck - 8 treatments, minimum
  • Body - 10 treatments, minimum

Schedule Your Treatments Today

If you’re interested in a non-invasive treatment to help tighten your skin and reduce the signs of cellulite, contact The Bougainvillea Clinique today by calling (866) 985-4741Our double Board-Certified Florida cosmetic surgeon has the experience you’re looking for and a personal approach that you’ll trust. Our team at The Bougainvillea Clinique is here to help you schedule your Venus Legacy™ appointments, so contact us today or call (866) 985-4741.