State-of-the-Art Vectra 3D Imaging for Breast Augmentation and Cosmetic Procedures

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Vectra 3D Breast, Face and Body Sculptor Imaging System

The Bougainvillea Clinique is proud to be the first practice in the Orlando and Central Florida area to offer one of the most advanced methods for envisioning your likely results after breast augmentation  facial, and body contouring procedures. The Vectra 3D's Breast, Face and Body Sculptor imaging system, by Canfield Scientific, Inc. Dr. Hartog has used computer imaging in his practice since 1997 and is a consultant to Canfield.

One of the main concerns patients have when contemplating breast procedures is how they will look afterwards and what size implants to choose. Over the years the Breast Sculptor system has seen continued improvements in accuracy and realism, and can even now demonstrate the effect of breast augmentation when wearing a bikini. Very often patients have uneven breasts, and the Breast Sculptor system can accurately help determine the size difference and if different size implants for each side are required. The latest version of the software even allows breast lift procedures to be performed, with or without implants.

Unparalleled Accuracy

VECTRA 3D Imaging for Breast Implant Surgery - Orlando, FLPrevious methods for trying to imagine results were inaccurate because they either involved other women's bodies, or they involved putting implants or substitutes under the breast.

Looking at images of other women is inaccurate because every woman's anatomy is unique. A woman may look similar to you, but her anatomy may be very different. Orlando Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Hartog has performed over 4000 breast augmentations, so it is likely he has before and after pictures involving women similar to you who underwent operations like what you are considering, but it is still not you.

The Breast Sculptor system uses an array of digital imaging equipment to accurately map your surface anatomy. Then the system allows Dr. Hartog to program in additional information by tracing and designating features of your anatomy in the computer, so that the computer takes them into account when predicting your results.


The Breast Sculptor system allows Dr. Hartog to put in exact sizes of breast implants and types of breast implants you are considering. He can modify variables such as breast implant placement to reflect the actual practice he is likely to use. This allows you to see not one result, but many possible results, and you can talk through the tradeoffs of different breast augmentation options to decide which combination is likely to work best for you. The latest version of Breast Sculptor also allows one to visualize the effect of a breast lift or mastopexy procedure, alone or in combination with breast implants.

Science, not Sorcery

Although it's the most accurate tool available, remember that Vectra 3D's Breast Sculptor is a scientific tool, not a crystal ball. It cannot look into the future and see what your actual results are going to be.

On the other hand, Dr. Hartog has performed enough breast augmentations to know the shortcomings of all previous methods, and he has never used a tool as accurate, comprehensive, and flexible as Vectra 3D's Breast Sculptor.

To see what your results might be like, please schedule a breast implant surgery consultation with Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Hartog today if you are in Central Florida including Winter Park or Orlando, FL.