The VALULIFT Facelift

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The evolution of facial rejuvenation. The Volume Added Limited Undermining facelift  or VALULift is the culmination of 20 years of experience in facial rejuvenation. This procedure effectively combines a short scar minimally invasive facelift procedure with modern concepts of facial volume restoration to address the unique needs of each individual. The result is a more natural, balanced appearance, more rapid recovery and fewer complications.

Traditional facelifting approaches have developed to the degree that surgeons often recommend extremely complex multiplane facelift procedures as a standard approach to facelifting. Unfortunately these procedures are frequently much more extensive than needed, and are associated with much more swelling, more complications, and extended recovery periods. At the same time other practitioners increasingly were recommending volume enhancement with fillers such as fat, as the primary approach to facial rejuvenation. High volume enhancement procedures are also associated with much more swelling and extended recovery. On the other hand, some of the minimally invasive facelift procedures that promise everyone miracles such as the Lifestyle® lift, are simply inadequate to address the needs of all patients.

The problem with either the very complex or the overly simplistic procedures is that every patient is unique. The VALULIFT provides a balanced approach that is customized to the needs of each individual. The VALULIFT also incorporates the best concepts of other more complex techniques, such as the muscle tightening of the SMAS type facelifts, while minimizing the complications and extended recovery often associated with them.

In reality many individuals seeking facial rejuvenation require some combination of facelift and volume augmentation procedures. Combining the two procedures means being less invasive, but with optimal results.  Combining the facelift procedure with volume enhancement, creates a more natural result while allowing less extensive surgery, with much more rapid recovery.

By adding volume in key areas of the face, the skin is lifted and tightened, allowing the surgeon to perform the facelift procedure with far less extensive lifting of the skin. This means shorter scars, less swelling, and less risk of damage to the deeper structures such as nerves and blood vessels.

With almost 20 years of facial rejuvenation experience Dr. Hartog has extensive experience with many different techniques, ranging from complex deep plane SMA facelifts, the Quicklift and MACS lift, neck liposuction, the i-Guide necklift and Coleman’s lipofilling (fat grafting) techniques. Now with the availability of the Liquid Gold Lipobank it is possible to store fat removed with gentle liposuction during the Valulift procedure. This fat can then be easily retrieved for ongoing touch-ups when needed to maintain a youthful facial volume over the years. Dr. Hartog routinely includes skin rejuvenation as a component of the VALULIFT, combining medicated skin products such as the Obagi® system, the Obagi® Blue Peel, and fractional laser resurfacing. What has evolved is an approach that integrates his experience with all these techniques, to provide an approach that is customized to each individual, less invasive but with optimal results.

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