Scarless Breast Reduction

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For smaller breasts, and improved shape using scarless* breast reduction with liposuction.

Women with very large breasts frequently suffer both physical and emotional disabilities. Reducing the size and weight of the breasts can relieve a host of painful conditions, helping women feel better physically and emotionally. Traditional breast reduction techniques are unfortunately associated with large scars, and are associated with significant complications including tissue loss and even loss of the nipple and areola are possible.

Using only small needle size incisions we are able to use liposuction to reduce the size of the breasts to provide smaller breasts and a improved shape without the long scars and risks associated with traditional breast reduction and lift procedures.

Dr. Hartog has been performing this scarless breast reduction with liposuction for over 15 years.

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Common Reasons for Breast Reduction

Extremely large breasts cause many physical disabilities including neck and shoulder pain, headaches, arm numbness, bra strap skin indentations, poor posture and skin rashes. The result is that many women suffer from social and emotional problems including low self esteem, poor body image, difficulty finding appropriate clothing and difficulty exercising.

How Scarless Breast Reduction is Performed

The female breast consists of glandular tissue mixed with fat, and though the amount of fat varies amongst individuals, the average breast contains 60-70% fat. Scarless breast reduction is performed through small liposuction cannulas and only requires small skin punctures made with a needle. Liposuction gently removes the fat, but leaves the glandular tissue mostly intact. On completion of the liposuction, the breast skin will shrink immediately to some degree and then more gradually over the next 3-6 months. It is possible to achieve up to two cup sizes reduction in breast size depending on the initial size of the breast. Frequently the skin shrinks quite dramatically and the nipple/areola will elevate as well. Studies show this elevation will range from 1-4 inches (2-13cm), with an average of 2 inches (6cm). The amount of nipple elevation and skin tightening is of course variable depending on the elasticity of the individual’s skin. Dr. Hartog will often recommend combining scarless liposuction breast reduction with internal scarless suture techniques to provide a scarless breast lift at the same time.

Advantages of Scarless Breast Reduction with Liposuction vs. Traditional techniques

There are many benefits afforded by scarless breast reduction with liposuction including:

  • Rapid recovery similar to any liposuction procedure.
  • Procedure may often be performed under local anaesthesia
  •  Improved shape of the breasts with no noticeable scars.
  • Ability to breast feed remains intact as the glandular tissue is not removed
  • Better reading of mammograms.
  • Much lower risk of loss of sensation
  • Lower cost compared to the traditional method.
  • Excellent option for patients who cannot medically tolerate a more invasive procedure

Scarless breast reduction is also ideal for correcting uneven breasts, which is very common and can even be combined with scarless breast augmentation techniques on the opposite breast using fat transfer.

Many women want to improve the size and shape differences in their breasts and by combining liposuction to reduce the breast where needed and fat transfer to enhance where needed, improved symmetry can be achieved.

Scarless techniques may be combined with other techniques that do involve more noticeable scarring such as areolar reduction to reduce the size of the areola if desired. The advantage of combining techniques is that the amount of scarring and the risk of complications can be reduced.

Traditional Breast Reduction techniques

Traditional breast reduction and lift procedures are associated with significant scarring, ranging from scars only around the areola, to extensive vertical and horizontal scars on the breast. There is risk of bleeding, infection, poor shape, inability to breast feed, even loss of the nipple and areolar skin are possible.With large breast reductions using traditional methods, there is extensive cutting of the breast tissues. This can result in changes in the sensation of the nipple and areola, as well as loss of nipple and areolar skin, and also death of breast tissue know as fat necrosis. Studies show that mammograms of breasts reduced with traditional cutting methods, show significant scarring, which frequently result in further tests to rule out breast cancer.Recovery from traditional methods is usually measured in weeks, with slow healing of the incisions, and 6-12 months for the scars to improve and fade. Traditional techniques also have frequent minor wound healing issues and may require scar revisions down the road.

*Scarless breast reduction uses very small punctures to allow liposuction to be performed leaving only small imperceptible scars. The technique may not be suitable for extremely large and ptotic breasts.

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