Rapid (One Day) Recovery Breast Augmentation

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The concept of Rapid Recovery (One Day) Breast Augmentation was initially proposed by Dr. John Tebbetts from Dallas, to show that using a combination of techniques during the surgery as well as a planned recovery protocol, breast augmentation patients could return to essentially normal daily activities within 24 hours. We have further refined the process to help promote the speediest possible recovery.

To summarize, the goal of the actual procedure is to perform the technique in the gentlest possible manner, with little or no blood loss.

  • Starting at the preoperative visit we also teach our patients some simple excercises, so that they are able to lift their arms above their heads by the time they leave the recovery room after the procedure.
  • Our anaesthesia protocol relies on techniques that allow the most rapid recovery without nausea in combination with long acting local anaesthetic used at the time of the procedure in the breast tissues.
  • We emphasize the use of non-steroidal medications for pain like ibuprofen to minimize the side effects of stronger narcotic pain killers.
  • Starting with the procedure itself, we utilize specially designed instruments that minimize trauma to the tissues and allow the procedure to be done with zero blood loss in the vast majority of cases. This is the first step to ensure the least possible amount of pain, as post-operative pain is directly related to the amount of trauma to the tissues and blood loss.
  • We also utilize the Keller Funnel that allows us to place the implants as gently as possible, and allows us to use the shortest possible incision, while ensuring that the implant does not come into contact with the skin, or even the surgeon's gloves during insertion, this essentially eliminates the chance of any type of implant contamination.
  • We use only dissolvable sutures to close the incision so there is no concern of any pain later as there is no need to remove the sutures. 
  • Postoperatively, in the recovery room we begin a gentle range of motion program, so that you are able to raise your arms above your head immediately, and begin activities such as brushing your hair immediately.
  • We do not use drains or tight dressings.

One of the keys, to a Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Procedure, is first and foremost, understanding that this is actually possible. Educating our patients about this process is key to it's success.