fat transfer

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Part of the family

Dr. Hartog and his staff are professional, thorough, knowledgeable and available to assist at all times.  I felt welcome and like a part of the family from my 1st consultation to post procedure.


Fat grafting is truly the wave of the future for breast cancer reconstruction.

Having had a double mastectomy and major radiation to treat breast cancer really takes a toll on your appearance.  But to get back to “normal” you often are faced with a choice between bad and worse.  I was not a candidate for stretchers, as putting breast stretchers in prior to high dose radiation would lead to a bad result (mis-shapen breasts and possible infection,) and putting stretchers in afterward was simply impossible.  (no stretch left in the skin)  So that left me with the “flap.”  I did not want this procedure either, for so many reasons.  Cutting up a healthy part of my body to


Great atmosphere, staff and physician

I must say I am overly excited after only one month post surgery.  I already look and feel great.  My figure is beautiful and I know there is more to come after the complete swelling goes down.  I say if anyone is looking for a great atmosphere, staff and physician,  I fully recommend The Bougainvillea Clinique.  I am very satisfied with my experience and results!