Breast augmentation with fat

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I opted for breasts implants

I have always been self conscious of the small size of my breasts, but hesitated to undergo surgery.  At age 50, the effects of age made the situation much worse.  Not only did they appear small but empty, so I opted to have implants.  I am very pleased with the results!  It restored my confidence and I can finally fill out my clothes.  Everyone was very kind and professional at The Bougainvillea Clinique and I would recommend Dr. Hartog to anyone considering breast enhancement.


Part of the family

Dr. Hartog and his staff are professional, thorough, knowledgeable and available to assist at all times.  I felt welcome and like a part of the family from my 1st consultation to post procedure.


Fat grafting is truly the wave of the future for breast cancer reconstruction.

Having had a double mastectomy and major radiation to treat breast cancer really takes a toll on your appearance.  But to get back to “normal” you often are faced with a choice between bad and worse.  I was not a candidate for stretchers, as putting breast stretchers in prior to high dose radiation would lead to a bad result (mis-shapen breasts and possible infection,) and putting stretchers in afterward was simply impossible.  (no stretch left in the skin)  So that left me with the “flap.”  I did not want this procedure either, for so many reasons.  Cutting up a healthy part of my body to

Breast Augmentation Alternatives and Enhancements

For  years Dr. Hartog has been combining fat grafting with implants to get even better results for breast augmentation patients.  Dr. Hartog recently went to Miami to hear two plastic surgeons report independently on the combination of procedures, with both physicians highly recommending this approach.  Dr. Eric Auclair from Paris presented his experience with Composite Breast Augmentation, and Dr. Dan Velcchio discussed briefly his approach to bilamellar breast augmentation. Both procedures describe the combining of implants with fat grafting over the implants.

Fat Grafting Safety Review Published; Clinical Experience Shows No Increased Risk of Breast Cancer with Fat Grafting

Published clinical experience in over 2,000 patients who received autologous fat grafts showed no evidence of increased risk of development, metastasis or recurrence of breast cancer in contrast to some laboratory data. The newly published review entitled "Oncologic Risks of Autologous Fat Grafting to the Breast" in the January issue of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's Aesthetic Surgery Journal discusses the data disparity between the clinical and certain laboratory-based scientific literature regarding fat grafting procedures to the breast.