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My skin looks relaxed and refreshed

I had a Valulift with Nanofat skin rejuvenation and an Obagi Blue Peel.  I am extremely satisfied with my results.  My skin looks very relaxed and refreshed.  It is also tighter and smoother looking.  My jowline is no longer slack but firm.  I have fewer wrinkles around my mouth and my neck looks nice and smooth.


The Bougainvillea Clinique National BRA Day event

On Wednesday October 17th join us for a Ldies Night Out in honor of the first national Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day. The Bougainvillea Clinique is an official sponsor of this event designed to help increase awareness of breast reconstruction options for breast cancer. Dr. Hartog will present the newest information about breast augmentation and reconstruction with fat and the success of our Liquid Gold fat bank. The new Sientra 5th generation gummy bear implants will also be featured.


Did you know that we are a full service plastic surgery and aesthetic services facility?
We offer various cosmetic surgery procedures:
Breast Enhancement using implants and/or fat
Fat grafting


Bougainvillea Beach Bod Beauties!

A beautiful beach bod wasn't created overnight...or was it? While the constants for having a good figure will always be diet and exercise, let's face it, sometimes cosmetic surgery is the best solution. We pride ourselves on being a full service plastic surgery facility, with surgical and non-surgical options for helping you look and feel your best. Dr. Hartog strongly believes in offering his patients various procedures provided they will ultimately help his patients achieve their physical goals. My joke (albeit a bad one) is that "Dr.