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Introducing the world's first on-site Liquid Gold™ Cytori StemSource® mini-lipobank

What makes the Liquid Gold approach such a breakthrough is that it introduces the world’s first on-site Cytori StemSource® mini-lipobank to take fat grafting to a whole new level. 

Harvest your fat ONCE

Not only is your body fat 100% natural, now with the Liquid Gold™ approach it’s also yours forever. Rather than using a large amount of body fat for grafting in a single procedure the Liquid Gold™ banking approach allows us to harvest a quantity of your fatty tissue once, using an advanced liposuction procedure. Your fat can be retrieved when needed in smaller amounts, and grafted with simple injection procedures. The benefits of this approach are:

  • Faster recovery for an upcoming event – with much less swelling, lumpiness, and trauma than is associated with conventional high volume approaches to fat grafting, particularly for facial procedures.
  • A more controlled and finessed approach because Liquid Gold ensures easy access to ADRC rich fatty material for added volume enhancements and touch-ups over time.

LipoBanking is the key

With the Liquid Gold™ approach, your fat is “banked” for future use in syringe-sized parcels at the Adrecyte Regenerative Medicine and Surgery Center adjacent to the Bougainvillea Clinique using a technologically advanced cryogenic freezing process. Making your fat readily available for future procedures means the Liquid Gold™ approach is ideal for:

  • Staged breast enlargement or reconstruction
  • Repeat procedures for facial or hand enhancement  and other fat grafting procedures 

The Bougainvillea Clinique is the first plastic surgery facility in the U.S. to offer the Liquid Gold™ approach and one of the few U.S. facilities with the Cytori StemSource® device for separation of adult stem and regenerative cells from fat.

Perfecting an established technique  

Fat grafting has been part of plastic surgery for over 100 years. That’s because body fat has long been considered the best and most natural filler for a wide range of procedures.

Companies have tried to duplicate the benefits and effect of fat – with limited success. Cutting, implants, artificial products, and more invasive procedures are the norm today for achieving the body results and look desired.

You may be asking: “If fat is so perfect, how come it’s not being used by everyone?”

There are two reasons. First and foremost, your fat is yours: it’s not a product. And it’s free. So companies have a vested interest in convincing you that you need a product to achieve the results you desire. That’s why there are so many branded cosmetic “filler” products available as fat substitutes.

The second problem with fat grafting in the past has been predictability

Fat harvesting and grafting technologies were not sufficiently advanced to ensure that a high percentage of a fat graft “takes.” Fortunately fat harvesting, using gentle liposuction techniques, and grafting technologies using fat purification and precise micro-grafting procedures, have become very sophisticated over the past 10 years, with significant improvement of the percentage ‘take’ of the graft.

Another key to achieving predictability and long lasting results is the ability to harvest a quantity of fat once and “bank” the unused fat for future use. Until the Liquid Gold approach, banking harvested fat has been prohibitively expensive or impractical. As a result, unused fat from a liposuction procedure would be thrown away! And fat would need to be harvested every time a procedure was required. Not surprisingly, fat grafting enjoyed limited success and appeal!

That is why the Liquid Gold™approach is such a breakthrough

Not only does it use the most advanced, state-of-the art fat harvesting and grafting techniques it makes lipobanking a practical and affordable reality. In so doing, Liquid Gold™ takes fat grafting and regenerative aesthetics to a whole new level.

Lifesaving applications – a new paradigm

The Liquid Gold™ approach to fat grafting enables you to store your ADRC rich fatty tissue indefinitely. That means the stem and regenerative cells may also be used in the future for other potentially lifesaving situations now being studied, such as in the treatment of heart attacks. This revolutionary approach introduces a whole new dimension to cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

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