High Def® Liposculpture

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Dr. Jeffrey Hartog, Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director of the Bougainvillea Clinique is one of the first of four physicians in the world to be trained in SmartLipo® HighDef®. He is one of about 20 physicians in the US and approximately 80 physicians worldwide to have completed certified HighDef® training with Dr. John Millard. Dr. Millard was responsible for introducing the technique of HighDef® liposculpture to the United States. The technique was originally developed by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Colombia.Liposculpture With the introduction of the latest generation SmartLipo® Triplex machine, laser liposculpture technology can now be merged with the the truest technique of body sculpturing yet developed, HighDef® liposculpture.

HighDef® liposculpture is a meticulous technique of marking the anatomical structure of your muscles, followed by true contouring of the overlying fat to reveal the underlying muscle anatomy. In this technique fat is not only removed generally as in other forms of liposuction, but the fat is selectively contoured following the contour of the underlying muscles, removing more in some areas than in others, to create a sculpted form and a more natural muscular appearance. In some situations some areas may have no fat removed, or one may even add fat to an area to create the desired contour and ideal anatomic shape.

Liposculpture in FloridaThe technique of SmartLipo® HighDef® can be used in conjunction with Vaser® HighDef® to enhance results. The combination of SmartLipo® technology with the HighDef® technique, takes the art of liposculpture to a whole new level.

HighDef® liposculpture is most commonly known as a way of creating a six-pack appearance of the abdomen, but in fact can be used anywhere in the body to sculpt and reveal the definition of the underlying muscles. HighDef® liposculpture is also popular to enhance the appearance of the arms, back, legs, buttocks, and even the breasts.


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