Composite Breast Augmentation - Fat + Implants

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Composite breast augmentation, also called LipoImplant Augmentation is our way of taking breast augmentation with implants to a whole new level of perfection.

Whether you have current breast implants and want to improve the appearance or are considering breast augmentation for the first time, this procedure can help.

LipoImplant Augmentation can help if:

  • You want a customized breast augmentation procedure
  • You do not have enough breast tissue to cover an implant
  • You want to achieve maximum cleavage and fullness in the upper breast
  • Your breasts are narrow
  • Your breasts are asymmetric
  • Your breasts have shrunk since you received your implants

What Is Composite Breast Augmentation?

Composite breast augmentation or LipoImplant Augmentation is when we use both a breast implant and fat grafting to perform your breast augmentation procedure. The breast implant provides the majority of the volume, but fat grafting allows us to refine the shape of your breasts and ensure the breast implant is completely concealed.

Advantages of Composite Breast Augmentation

Making sure the breast implant is properly concealed is important to most women who want breast augmentation. However, even with submuscular placement of the breast implant, the side and bottom of the breast implant are not covered by muscle, so if you do not have enough breast tissue, the implant may be visible, and sometimes there will be an unnatural appearance or even rippling of the implant. This is more common with saline breast implants. LipoImplant Augmentation allows us to cover the implant with grafted fat that is taken from elsewhere in your body.

Breast implants sometimes do not provide the cleavage or fullness in the upper part of the breast that you desire due to the location or shape of your natural breasts. LipoImplant Augmentation allows us to use grafted fat to increase the cleavage and fullness in the upper breast.

Over time, a breast implant will actually compress your natural breast tissue, so even if you began with the right amount of breast tissue, you may find your breasts have shrunk. LipoImplant Augmentation allows us to restore your breast augmentation results to their former fullness.

Grafted fat can also be used to widen the actual breast, ensuring a better shape match between your breasts and your breast implants. This makes composite breast augmentation an ideal way to address the shape of tuberous breasts, since fat grafting can be placed predominantly in the lower part of the breast, where it is constricted.

Fat grafting can also be used to fine-tune the shape and size of breasts to ensure better matching between asymmetric breasts.

Finally, fat grafting can be used in any part of the breast to give you a completely customized breast shape so you can achieve the ideal results you want.

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