Breast Reconstruction with Lipofilling Fat Transfer

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Finally there is a reliable and predictable method of breast reconstruction, without implants or complex tissue flap procedures. It is no longer necessary for women to undergo complex reconstructive surgeries to restore natural looking and feeling breasts.

Building on his 18 years of experience with fat grafting for both face and breast procedures Dr. Hartog has adopted techniques perfected in Europe and the United States to restore breast form without the need for scars, major reconstructive procedures, and the complications associated with implants, internal tissue expanders, and complex tissue flaps. These procedures are also 100% outpatient procedures performed in our state-of-the-art Medicare approved ambulatory surgery center, the Aesthetic Surgery Center of Winter Park. We are unique in the Central Florida area, allowing your complete breast reconstruction, office visits and follow-up, to be performed in one convenient outpatient location, and covered by most insurances. It is even possible for Dr. Hartog to begin immediate breast reconstruction with fat transfer at the time of a mastectomy at a local hospital or at our facility.

Now breast reconstruction can be performed:

  • Without any additional incisions or scars or debilitating transfer of muscles and large tissue segments from other areas of your body
  • No artificial implants
  • 100% outpatient and 100% natural using your own fat only, with simpler more rapid recovery
  • Additional benefit of body contouring liposuction and tummy tightening
  • Natural appearance and feel of the breasts, frequently with near normal sensation

At the Bougainvillea Clinique we want to help women who have suffered the devastating effects of breast cancer with procedures that not only make you look and feel better about yourself in the most natural way possible, but also minimize the expense, downtime and risks associated with breast reconstruction. An added benefit is the body contouring benefits of liposuction.

Using only fat removed with the gentlest liposuction techniques, it is now possible to restore breast size and shape with fat micrografting (lipofilling) techniques in combination with non-invasive preparation of the tissue using the BRAVA® device.

Using lipofilling alone it is now possible to perform total or partial breast reconstruction In the following situations:

  • Total unilateral or bilateral mastectomies
  • Lumpectomy procedures, particularly after radiation.
  • Complications from breast reconstruction with other procedures
  • Complications from breast augmentation with implants, including infection, capsular contracture, rippling, asymmetry, implant extrusion, tissue loss, asymmetry, scarring, breast pain and chest wall deformities

Clinical studies have shown the safety and efficacy of this procedure for breast reconstruction, and have shown that it is even possible to restore sensation to the skin of breasts reconstructed with lipofilling.

Dr. Hartog has trained with Dr. Roger Khouri, one of the innovators of this procedure, and the developer of the BRAVA® device.

We also provide the option of our Liquid GoldTM lipobank, allowing fat removed from a single liposuction procedure to be stored for repeat lipofilling procedures that are usually required for more extensive reconstructive procedures.

Breast reconstruction surgeon in Orlando, Dr. Hartog feels so strongly about the benefits of this procedure over conventional breast reconstruction procedures that he has performed the procedure on his wife Michelle Hartog, who is herself a breast cancer survivor.

For more detailed information on breast reconstruction and augmentation using your own fat visit our website devoted to this subject,

Breast reconstruction with lipofilling is a 100% outpatient procedure performed in our fully certified surgery center, the Aesthetic Surgery Center of Winter Park. We are also committed to working with women who have suffered breast cancer deformities, to obtain insurance coverage and approval where possible. A sobering statistic is that only 40% of women who have breast cancer have any form of reconstruction. We believe that all women who have had breast cancer surgery should have the opportunity to restore the most natural possible breasts, so they can really look better, and feel better about themselves. Contact us for a personalized consultation if you are in Orlando or Winter Park, Florida.

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