Using the BRAVA® Device for Expansion of the Tissues Prior to Breast Augmentation or Breast Reconstruction with Lipofilling (Fat Grafting)

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Probably the single most important part of breast augmentation or breast reconstruction using lipofilling, is to prepare the tissues before the grafting procedure to receive the grafted fat. Unfortunately this is a part of the process that is ignored by many doctors and patients using fat grafting for breast enlargement or breast reconstruction.

The most effective way available to us to improve the tissue bed prior to fat grafting is the use of the BRAVA® device protocol. The use of this device for this process was first proposed by Dr. Roger Khouri, and he has demonstrated significant improvement in results that can be obtained with fat grafting to the breast. Adding the BRAVA® protocol to the process has been shown to improve graft take to as high as 90% or more, and to allow significantly more fat to be placed at any given procedure with safety. In breast augmentation procedures he has shown that breast augmentation size can be increased about 70% over other protocols in a single procedure. For example, whereas many single procedure breast augmentation protocols demonstrate about 150cc enlargement, by adding the BRAVA® protocol approximately 250cc or more enlargement at a single procedure can be demonstrated.

In breast reconstruction cases, use of the BRAVA® device has been demonstrated to cut the number of grafting procedures from 6-8 to 3-4 procedures on average.

The BRAVA® device, is a true tissue engineering device. Studies show that the effect of the continuous vacuum expansion is not only to stretch the tissues, but to bring in additional blood supply and to create more space for fat grafting. The amount of fat that can be placed in any given area at one time is limited by the space and pressure on the graft. By creating more space and stimulating blood supply, significantly more fat can be place at one time and be expected to survive.

The Bougainvillea Clinique and Dr. Hartog, participated in a multi institutional protocol studying the use of BRAVA® in combination with fat grafting.

The diagrams below demonstrate the concept. The breast diagrams illustrate the effect of the device on the underlying breast tissues over time.

Diagram of Breast using BRAVA® AFT system
Diagram of expanding breasts using BRAVA® AFT system

The mesh diagrams illustrate how expanding the tissues is like stretching a mesh to create more space between the mesh itself.

Diagram of how tissues are expanded

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