Using Fat Transfer for Scarless Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation with Fat TransferSome of our Florida patients considering breast augmentation are concerned that the procedure will leave a scar. Although Dr. Hartog takes great care to conceal and reduce the appearance of scars during breast augmentation surgery, you do have an alternative – breast augmentation with fat transfer.

Using your body’s own fat, breast augmentation with fat transfer is achieved by harvesting fat through liposuction and then injecting it into your breasts for a larger, fuller appearance.

The added benefit of choosing fat grafting for breast augmentation is that you not only get the enlarged breasts you want, you also get to reduce stubborn fat around your belly or thighs. This provides an overall body enhancement with one procedure.

Recovery time is also reduced significantly from traditional breast augmentation with breast implants.

In order to undergo the procedure, you will need an adequate amount of fat to harvest through liposuction, and there are limitations to the increase in breast size available through fat grafting.

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