TAKE CARE OF YOUR SUMMER DAMAGED SKIN NOW! Look great for the holidays!

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If you are hoping to have a youthful and more rested appearance by the holidays, now is the time to start!

The skin is never in a hurry and results tend to not look natural when treatments are rushed. A good rule to remember is that one skin cycle takes six weeks to complete and many skin treatments are measured by using this scale. Here is a quick “go to” list of non-invasive treatments and the time it takes to see results.

PROBLEM:  Sun Damage / Dark Spots / Redness / Poor Skin Quality 


ZO Skin Health:  ZO is a medicated skincare line by well-known skin pioneer Zein Obagi, MD, and is proven to reduce dark spots in 2-6 weeks and also used to prepare skin for in-office treatments. Expect temporary dryness and redness for approximately 4-6 weeks.

ZO 3-Step Peel:  After one skin cycle of using the ZO Skin Health products, this peel will continue to brighten the skin, even out texture and refine your pores. Expect mild to moderate peeling for 3-5 days.

Cutera Excel V Laser:  After 4-6 weeks of preparing the skin, this laser purges brown spots from the skin and also erases broken blood vessels. Expect 2-3 days of temporary darkening of spots, treatment can be performed every 4 weeks.

Cutera Laser Genesis:  Micro-pulses of laser break up redness and brown spots and refine pores and texture. Expect no downtime, 4-6 treatments every 2 weeks, results begin after third treatment.

Rejuvapen Microneedling:  Microscopic probes pulse the area to stimulate the natural processes in the skin and stimulate collagen, texture improvement and firming. Expect 3 treatments every 2 weeks, results seen after 1 treatment.

Liz Montoya, ARNP-C

Master Injector Certified, National Cutera Clinical Trainer, Licensed Aesthetician, Facial Cosmetic Consultant                                           Email:  lpain@bougclin.com