Restoring Breasts After Cancer with Your Own Fat

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Restoring Breasts After Cancer with Your Own Fat | Winter ParkWomen with breast cancer go through a whirlwind of physical and psychological pain during their fight against this destructive and deadly disease. In order to win that battle, many breast cancer patients undergo single or double mastectomies, which often takes away a piece of their femininity. Our breast surgeon, Dr. Hartog, understands the devastation that comes with a breast cancer diagnoses as his wife, Michelle Hartog, is a cancer survivor herself.

Mrs. Hartog underwent bilateral mastectomies, and she then had scarless breast reconstruction using her own body fat. She and Dr. Hartog are passionate about helping other women overcome the difficulties they face during and following breast cancer.

Breast reconstruction through fat transfer offers many benefits such as a natural look that doesn’t require foreign objects in your body. The fat is typically removed from an area of your body that has unwanted fat such as your abdomen or thighs. Other advantages of fat transfer breast augmentation include:

  • 100% outpatient procedure
  • Recovery is fast and less painful
  • You have a lower risk of complications
  • Your breasts will look and feel real because it’s your own tissues

October is breast cancer awareness month, and our board-certified plastic surgeon is ready to help restore your body following a mastectomy.

If you’ve had breast cancer, please contact Dr. Hartog in Winter Park today at 407-678-3116 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Hartog and our experienced staff serve patients in Winter Park, Orlando, and surrounding Central Florida areas.