Can Cancer Come Back After Breast Reconstruction?

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Can Cancer Come Back After Breast Reconstruction? | FloridaThe treatments and surgeries required to beat breast cancer are draining and often steal a part of a woman’s femininity and self-confidence. Breast reconstruction can restore your body image and help you feel like yourself again. However, many cancer survivors worry about breast cancer recurrence following a breast reconstruction.

A double mastectomy significantly lowers your risk of breast cancer coming back, though there’s a slight chance it can return in the remaining breast tissue. Similarly, a single mastectomy leaves the remaining breast at risk. These concerns are on the back of any breast cancer survivor’s mind and are why self-exams and regular mammograms are important.

So, while it’s possible for breast cancer to return after a mastectomy, these chances aren’t increased simply because you have a breast reconstruction. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hartog, has a unique point of view when it comes to breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. His wife who is also our patient coordinator is a survivor herself, and a scarless breast reconstruction with fat transfer helped her regain her confidence and restored her figure.

Breast Reconstruction with Fat Instead of Implants

Breast reconstruction can be done in a few ways and often involves breast implants, but Dr. Hartog specializes in restoring the breasts using the fat grafting method and uses the latest techniques to enhance fat survival. Excess fat in areas such as your thighs, stomach and buttocks is removed, processed and injected into your breasts to restore their shape and size. The final results often return some of the sensations lost during the mastectomy and provide a softness that feels just like a natural breast.

The advantages of breast reconstruction with fat transfer include a faster recovery period and natural-looking results that don’t interfere with the necessary breast exams and mammograms required to keep the cancer at bay.

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