A Quicker, More Comfortable Tummy Tuck Recovery with Dr. Hartog

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Tummy Tuck RecoveryA tummy tuck can make you feel like a new person by removing excessive skin and tissue in your abdominal region while tightening your abdominal muscles. Many of our patients are excited by the idea of a slimmer, toner abdomen, but express concerns about how long and potentially painful recovery may be.

Dr. Hartog has made several advances in the tummy tuck procedure to make your recovery more comfortable and get you back to everyday activities more quickly.

  • When tightening abdominal muscles, Dr. Hartog injects the long-lasting local anesthetic Exparel® (long-lasting Marcaine) to provide extended pain relief during your recovery.
  • Dr. Hartog also uses the surgical adhesive TissueGlu®, which eliminates the need for drains after surgery. This makes our patients much more comfortable as they rest and recover without having to deal with drains.

In general, after your tummy tuck procedure, you can expect to return to work and most non-strenuous activities in about a week. Swelling and bruising in the abdomen are normal, but will subside as you heal. You can expect to resume almost all activities within a few weeks and begin enjoying your dramatic-looking results.

To learn more about what you can expect from the tummy tuck procedure and recovery, call the Bougainvillea Clinique today at 407-678-3116 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Hartog. We welcome patients from throughout the Winter Park and Orlando, Florida region.