2017 Plastic Surgery Trends Predicted

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Plastic Surgery TrendsWe are already a month into 2017, and men and women across America are scheduling their consultations and treatment appointments to enhance their bodies for the new year. What is likely to be trending throughout 2017?

  • Fuller bottoms. The body contouring trend to accentuate your curves, inspired by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, will continue this year. Liposuction and cellulite treatments are popular choices to sculpt and smooth your buttocks, belly, and thighs in order to enhance your appearance.
  • Smaller breast implants. Leaner Hollywood bodies are inspiring many women to choose smaller sized implants to add fullness to their breasts while maintaining natural-looking proportions. At the Bougainvillea Clinique, we can help you select the breast implant size that allows you to feel your best.
  • Non-surgical treatments. Many patients are opting for quicker, non-invasive treatments that provide amazing results without the need for recovery time. Whether you are looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or wanting to eliminate stubborn fat, we can find the right solution for you.

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