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October 30, 2017

Restoring Breasts After Cancer with Your Own Fat | Winter ParkWomen with breast cancer go through a whirlwind of physical and psychological pain during their fight against this destructive and deadly disease. In order to win that battle, many breast cancer patients undergo single or double mastectomies, which often takes away a piece of their femininity. Our breast surgeon, Dr. Hartog, understands the devastation that comes with a breast cancer diagnoses as his wife, Michelle Hartog, is a cancer survivor herself.

Mrs. Hartog underwent bilateral mastectomies, and she then had scarless breast reconstruction using her own body fat. She and Dr. Hartog are passionate about helping other women overcome the difficulties they face during and following breast cancer.

Breast reconstruction through fat transfer offers many benefits such as a natural look that doesn’t require foreign objects in your body. The fat is typically removed from an area of your body that has unwanted fat such as your abdomen or thighs. Other advantages of fat transfer breast augmentation include:

  • 100% outpatient procedure
  • Recovery is fast and less painful
  • You have a lower risk of complications
  • Your breasts will look and feel real because it’s your own tissues

October is breast cancer awareness month, and our board-certified plastic surgeon is ready to help restore your body following a mastectomy.

If you’ve had breast cancer, please contact Dr. Hartog in Winter Park today at 407-678-3116 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Hartog and our experienced staff serve patients in Winter Park, Orlando, and surrounding Central Florida areas. 

September 13, 2017

3 Myths about Breastfeeding & Breast Augmentation | OrlandoThe ability to breastfeed is important to many mothers-to-be as more and more women choose to feed their newborn infants natural breast milk over synthesized formula. While it’s best to wait until you’ve finished having children to undergo breast augmentation, simply having breast implants shouldn’t prevent you from growing your family and breastfeeding your kids.

August was National Breastfeeding Month, and our plastic surgeon in Orlando wants to shed some light on some of the common misconceptions about breast implants and a woman’s ability to breastfeed including:

1.    It’s Impossible for Women with Breast Implants to Breastfeed

Most women with breast implants go on to breastfeed without difficulty. There are multiple options for breast augmentation such as the type of implant (saline or silicone), implant placement and the incision site for the procedure. If the periareolar incision (around the nipple) is used, you could experience loss of nipple sensation and nerve damage, which may make it difficult to breastfeed. Implants positioned beneath the pectoral muscle using an incision through the armpit or under the fold of the breasts will have the least impact on breastfeeding abilities. However, breast augmentation may affect how much milk you’re able to produce.

2.    Breast Implants are Toxic to Breast Milk

Breast implants are made of silicone or saline, and both are FDA-approved. Some women are concerned materials in their implants will leak into breast milk, but this is highly unlikely to occur, even in the event of an implant rupture. Additionally, there’s no evidence that implant presence will harm a breastfed baby. Saline implants are filled with salt-water, and healthcare professionals feel that if saline were to seep into breast milk, it would still be safe. Silicone is not easily absorbed and is unlikely to interfere with the health of a baby breastfeeding as well.

3.    Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Cause Implants to Change in Shape or Sag

Women with breast implants or who are considering breast augmentation may think that breast implants lead to misshapen or sagging breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but this effect is actually caused by hormones and impacts the breast tissue and glands themselves. A breast lift can correct this sagging effect once you’ve completed breastfeeding and your breast tissue has returned to normal.

There are many reasons a woman may not be able to breastfeed, and breast implants are rarely the cause. However, the plastic surgeon you choose will have an enormous impact on your results and your breastfeeding options. Make sure you go with a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure you reach your aesthetic goals safely without damaging your breast glands, nerves and milk ducts.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Hartog in Orlando today at 407-678-3116 to discuss your breast surgery options. Our board-certified plastic surgeon serves clients in Orlando, Winter Park and surrounding Central Florida areas. 

September 11, 2017

Tummy tuck candidates should be near their goal weight, in good health and meet other essential criteria before having invasive plastic surgery. Learn more:The tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure can give you the figure you’ve been unable to achieve through diet and exercise. This plastic surgery provides many benefits, but to be a candidate for a tummy tuck, you’ll need to meet several criteria and be psychologically ready to undergo invasive surgery. The best candidates for tummy tucks typically include women who’ve had children or individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight and struggle with excess loose skin.

The ideal candidate for a tummy tuck has:

  • An overall healthy body.
  • Never been a smoker or is willing to quit for several weeks before and after the procedure.
  • The right reasons to undergo plastic surgery.
  • Worked hard to look their best through diet and exercise, but has lax skin and loose muscles in the abdomen.
  • Committed to living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Realistic expectations on what a tummy tuck can achieve.
  • Reached their goal weight or is close to it.

Many patients speculate that a tummy tuck is the same as or similar to liposuction, but that’s far from the case. Liposuction is a standalone procedure which uses a cannula to suction out unwanted fat, whereas a tummy tuck involves removing excess skin and tightening muscles in the abdomen. These procedures can be done in conjunction to provide optimal body contouring.

If you’re wondering if you qualify for this procedure, schedule your tummy tuck consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon in Winter Park today at 407-678-3116. The Bougainvillea Clinique offers cosmetic surgery and medical day spa services to clients in Central Florida including Orlando and Winter Park. 

September 06, 2017

How Does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Work? | OrlandoBreast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery for women in the U.S., but breast enhancement doesn't always involve breast implants. Fat transfer breast augmentation is a safe, effective and natural way to increase breast size, and the procedure is even scarless. Our plastic surgeon in Winter Park uses the Liquid Gold™ approach to make the most of your fat grafting and provide predictable results. There are a few steps to the fat grafting process, and Dr. Hartog has developed his own technique to minimize the recovery time you'll need after surgery while also maximizing your outcome.

Your fatty tissue is the best material to use for breast augmentation because it eradicates the common concerns with breast implants such as capsular contracture, loss of sensation in your nipples, implant deflation and visible rippling.

The three main steps of fat transfer breast augmentation include:

  1. The fat cells are removed from a donor location on your body via liposuction.  
  2. The fat is separated from the anesthetic liquid used in liposuction, condensed and readied for the breast augmentation procedure.
  3. Our board-certified plastic surgeon injects the fat into your breasts to increase breast size.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a natural way to enhance the size of your breasts and has a two-for-one benefit because your fat cells are harvested from an area with unwanted fat such as your "love handles," abdomen, thighs or buttocks. Women who have had children and struggle with excess fat and loose, sagging breast tissue are ideal candidates for this plastic surgery. Breast cancer survivors can also use fat transfer for breast reconstruction after having a mastectomy.

If you're interested in fat transfer breast surgery or "scarless breast surgery," you will need to:

  • Have enough fat to harvest for the procedure.
  • Have moderately-sized breasts and want a small to moderate enhancement.
  • Be prepared to use breast tissue expanders for several weeks prior to breast augmentation and for one week following the surgery.

Schedule your breast surgery consultation at The Bougainvillea Clinique Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Day Spa in Central Florida today at 407-678-3116Dr. Hartog and our skilled staff serve clients in Orlando, Winter Park and surrounding areas of Central Florida.


July 05, 2017

The Most Common Plastic Surgeries for Men | Central FloridaCosmetic enhancements are becoming more popular among men. While most plastic surgery patients are still female, a higher percentage of male procedures are performed each year. One of the common cosmetic surgeries for both men and women is liposuction. Liposuction can treat nearly any area of the body including double chins and “love handles.” However, unwanted fat isn’t the only aesthetic issue facing men in the U.S.

Plastic Surgeries for Men in 2016

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the top requested cosmetic procedures for men in 2016 were:

  • Eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty): The eyes are one of the first areas of your face that begin to show your age. Eyelid surgery can get rid of under eye bags and drooping eyelids that may interfere with vision. 
  • Neck lift: A neck lift can eliminate “turkey neck” and involves tightening the midsection of your neck up to the area behind your ears. Our plastic surgeon also offers non-surgical alternatives such as Kybella and ThermiRF.
  • Nose surgery (rhinoplasty): This procedure is popular among men and women. Rhinoplasties are performed for both functional reasons such as a deviated septum and cosmetic reasons such as a nose that is asymmetric, crooked, too wide or too large.
  • Chin augmentation: Many men wish for a stronger chin and jawline. Chin augmentation offers more definition and can be combined with nose surgery or a facelift for optimal results.
  • Male breast reduction for gynecomastia: Male breast enlargement (gynecomastia) can be painful but also embarrassing. A breast reduction can restore a masculine chest and eliminate discomfort caused by the condition.

If you’re interested in cosmetic surgery, please contact our plastic surgeon in Winter Park today at 407-678-3116 to schedule your consultation. The Bougainvillea Clinique Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Day Spa proudly serves clients in Central Florida including Orlando and Winter Park. 

June 30, 2017

Breast Reduction for Men with Gynecomastia | Orlando, FloridaGynecomastia is the overdevelopment of breast tissue in men, which can cause the breasts to be uneven. Male breast enlargement often occurs during the pre-teen or teenage years due to hormones, but it can also happen to middle-aged men. In most cases, gynecomastia subsides after several months or years, but approximately 20 percent of men with gynecomastia require some form of treatment to relieve symptoms such as male breast reduction.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

Male breast enlargement in adolescents is typically caused by hormonal changes, but gynecomastia can also be due to:

  • Medications such as antibiotics, antidepressants and steroids
  • Illicit drug use
  • Significant weight gain
  • Health conditions such as malnutrition, tumors, kidney failure and hyperthyroidism
  • Aging

Breast reduction for men with gynecomastia involves removing the excess breast tissue and fat cells to give you a flatter breast contour. In some instances, liposuction is used to restore a masculine appearance. Your health insurance provider may even cover the cost of your procedure depending on the length of time you’ve struggled with the condition and the extent of your discomfort. 

June is Men’s Health Month, and our plastic surgeon can answer any of your gynecomastia questions during your consultation at our Winter Park office.

If you have enlarged male breasts, please contact Dr. Hartog in Florida today at 407-678-3116 to schedule your initial consultation. The Bougainvillea Clinique Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Day Spa serves clients throughout Central Florida including Orlando and Winter Park. 

May 17, 2017

Can Cancer Come Back After Breast Reconstruction? | FloridaThe treatments and surgeries required to beat breast cancer are draining and often steal a part of a woman’s femininity and self-confidence. Breast reconstruction can restore your body image and help you feel like yourself again. However, many cancer survivors worry about breast cancer recurrence following a breast reconstruction.

A double mastectomy significantly lowers your risk of breast cancer coming back, though there’s a slight chance it can return in the remaining breast tissue. Similarly, a single mastectomy leaves the remaining breast at risk. These concerns are on the back of any breast cancer survivor’s mind and are why self-exams and regular mammograms are important.

So, while it’s possible for breast cancer to return after a mastectomy, these chances aren’t increased simply because you have a breast reconstruction. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hartog, has a unique point of view when it comes to breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. His wife who is also our patient coordinator is a survivor herself, and a scarless breast reconstruction with fat transfer helped her regain her confidence and restored her figure.

Breast Reconstruction with Fat Instead of Implants

Breast reconstruction can be done in a few ways and often involves breast implants, but Dr. Hartog specializes in restoring the breasts using the fat grafting method and uses the latest techniques to enhance fat survival. Excess fat in areas such as your thighs, stomach and buttocks is removed, processed and injected into your breasts to restore their shape and size. The final results often return some of the sensations lost during the mastectomy and provide a softness that feels just like a natural breast.

The advantages of breast reconstruction with fat transfer include a faster recovery period and natural-looking results that don’t interfere with the necessary breast exams and mammograms required to keep the cancer at bay.

If you’re interested in breast reconstruction, please contact Bougainvillea Clinique in Winter Park today at 407-678-3116 to schedule your consultation. We provide plastic surgery to clients throughout Central Florida including Orlando and Winter Park. 

May 10, 2017

Breast Augmentation with Fat After a Mastectomy | OrlandoThe days and months following a mastectomy often involve a mix of emotions. You’ve beaten breast cancer, but a part of your femininity went with it. You’ve realized just how strong you are, but are also left with a permanent reminder of your struggles. Breast implants are a popular choice for women following a single or double mastectomy, but a growing trend is breast augmentation with fat transfer, which can provide great results using your own fatty tissues.

The fat transfer method of breast reconstruction is a safe and effective way to restore your breasts to their prime and give you back the confidence you had in your body prior to breast cancer. Fat is extracted from an area of your body with unwanted fat such as your thighs, buttocks or abdomen. The fat is then processed and inserted into your breasts. Our plastic surgeon uses the latest techniques to enhance fat survival.

The Benefits of Breast Reconstruction with Fat

If you’ve had a single mastectomy, a fat transfer breast surgery may give you back some sensation as well as feel soft and similar to your remaining natural breast. This form of breast augmentation uses your own tissues to increase the size of your breasts instead of a saline or silicone implant (which are also safe, effective and extensively studied). The recovery time for this option is significantly less than the healing period required for breast implants. Additionally, the fatty tissue used for the procedure is taken from an area where you’ve likely struggled to tone or lose weight.

If you’ve had a single or double mastectomy and are interested in breast reconstruction, please contact our board-certified plastic surgeon in Orlando today at 407-678-3116 to schedule your consultation. Bougainvillea Clinique serves clients in Orlando, Winter Park and surrounding Central Florida areas. 

April 24, 2017

3 Facial Plastic Surgeries to Restore Your Youth | Orlando, Fla.Your face is often the first area of your body to begin to show your age. Some men and women get wrinkles as early as their late 20s and early 30s. There are a wide variety of facial plastic surgeries that can rejuvenate and restore your appearance. April is National Facial Protection Month, and our plastic surgeon in Central Florida can help restore damage caused by sun exposure and other elements over time. Dr. Hartog can give your looks a boost with one or more of our face procedures such as these three popular choices:

1. Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can be performed on your upper and lower eyelids to get rid of drooping eyelid skin and bags under your eyes. This procedure might be right for you if you struggle with looking tired when you’re well-rested and energetic. Sometimes a blepharoplasty is medically necessary to address sagging upper eyelids that have started to impact your vision by hanging over your eye.

2. Forehead Lift

Lines on your forehead are sometimes the first signs of aging you notice on your face. These typically form due to genetics, stress or exaggerated facial expressions. This facial plastic surgery alleviates the tired look and treats frown lines and furrows between your eyebrows by loosening the muscles beneath your skin and removing fat. A forehead lift is often done in conjunction with eyelid surgery.

3. Facelift

In the past, facelifts were criticized for giving men and women a noticeably frozen and stretched look, but plastic surgery has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last few decades. Dr. Hartog can reduce lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging on your face without giving the impression to your friends and coworkers that you’ve had work done. Your procedure can be paired with a blepharoplasty or chemical peel to further rejuvenate your looks.

Other facelift variations we offer at our Florida plastic surgery office include:

  • Temporal brow and midface lift
  • Valulift
  • Facial liposuction

There are several other surgical and non-surgical options available to address signs of aging in the face such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers and Kybella, which treats double chins.

If you struggle with looking tired and want to regain your youthful appearance, please contact Dr. Hartog in Winter Park today at 407-678-3116 to schedule your consultation. The Bougainvillea Clinique serves clients in Central Florida including Orlando and Winter Park. 

April 17, 2017

Breast Augmentation Questions to Ask Your Plastic SurgeonBefore undergoing any form of surgery, it’s important to know what to expect before, during and after your procedure. There are many details involved in breast augmentation, and you have more options available to you than you may realize. Women choose to have breast augmentation for numerous reasons such as to correct uneven breasts, rejuvenate breasts after having children or to simply increase size and shape.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, ask your plastic surgeon these questions and any others you may have:

  1. Are You Board-Certified? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) requires physicians to continue their education and meet high standards to attain and maintain board certification. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Hartog, is dual certified through the ASPS for Plastic Surgery and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
  2. Do You Specialize in Breast Surgery? Plastic surgeons typically offer a variety of procedures for the entire body, but many focus on specific areas. Dr. Hartog specializes in breast augmentation and corrective breast surgery and has performed more than 4,000 breast procedures.
  3. What are My Breast Augmentation Options? Saline and silicone implants are popular choices for breast augmentation, but breast implants combined with fat transfer, known as composite breast augmentation, can give you the best of both worlds and increase your cleavage area. You can discuss your breast augmentation options with Dr. Hartog during your initial consultation.
  4.  What is the Best Breast Size for Me? The best size of breasts for you heavily depends on your aesthetic goals. You can try the rice test to help you determine the breast size that is comfortable and gives you the fullness you’re looking for. At the Bougainvillea Clinique, we offer state-of-the-art Vectra 3-D computer imaging to help you visualize your before and after appearance with a whole range of implant sizes
  5. Which Incision Site Do You Recommend? There are three incision options for breast augmentation. Incision sites are underneath your breasts, in your armpits or along the edge of your nipples. Our plastic surgeon even offers scar-less breast augmentation with fat transfer.
  6. What Should I Expect During Recovery? The recovery process varies depending on the invasiveness of the procedure and whether you choose to have implants or fat transfer. Many women return to work after one week, but some may require two weeks of recovery time.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Hartog in Winter Park today at 407-678-3116 to schedule your consultation. The Bougainvillea Clinique provides cosmetic surgery and medical spa services to clients in Winter Park, Orlando and surrounding Central Florida areas.