Dr. Oz and The Truth About Plastic Surgery

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Recently a segment aired on Dr. Oz regarding truths in plastic surgery. I am not sure I agree wholeheartedly with the "Popeye Effect" comment. Areas that have been treated with liposuction will gain weight less as they will have fewer fat cells after surgery. Having said that, the fat cells remaining can and will get larger without making lifestyle changes. Furthermore, areas not treated will appear to gain weight more but again they have more fat cells. Liposuction cannula's are not magic wands (despite how much our patients want them to be). This procedure is designed to contour stubborn areas  that don't move even with good habits.

I couldn't agree more though with his comment on Botox! It truly is a "fountain of youth" and provides beautiful results. In this Groupon day and age, patients are always looking for the cheapest Botox. I say "cheapest"  versus inexpensive because any "Botox" offered at ridiculous low prices is a water downed version typically with water downed care. It is paramount to go to a proper facility with trained injectors. Additionally, he mentioned using Retinol creams in the event Botox is not affordable. That is a nice suggestion but the combination of Botox and Retinol creams is ideal.

Here's the link to the segment...let us know what you think!

Dr. Oz

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