Orlando Women Ask Dr. Hartog: Fat Grafting vs. Fillers

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One of the most common questions I receive from patients is about the use and safety of one's own fat as a natural filler to restore lost volume in the face. I'll cover some of the main points in this post, but would advise you to setup a complimentary consultation at our office to fully explore if fat grafting is the right option for you in replacing lost volume in your face to give you a more natural and youthful face. I tell our Orlando patients that fat grafting can be one of the safest and optimal procedures one may choose and may be the most natural solution for women compared to synthetic materials such as Botox or other commonly used approved facial fillers. Here's some of the most common reasons why women choose fat injections vs. fillers:

  1. Fat injections may last longer than facial fillers. When processed and applied properly, fat injections don't need repeat treatments like fillers do. Synthetic facial fillers are temporary and need additional treatments every few months to maintain results. Fat injections can be a huge cost savings over time.
  2. What could be more natural than you? It's your own fat, so it's the ideal natural filler, especially in the face.
  3. No risk of rejection. Using your own fat removes the risk of rejection associated with foreign body materials.
  4. Safely bank your fat and you have your own natural off the shelf filler.Technology has now allowed us to safely cryopreserve your own unwanted fat and we can now process the fat and remove the contaminants and safely preserve your fat for when you want to return to our office and just like a bank account (rather a fat bank) you can make a withdrawl of your cryopreserved fat and safely re-injected with the same ease as receiving a Botox or Sculptra injection.

Ask us about our Liquid Gold Fat Bank, the first privately owned FDA Registered Fat Bank in the United States now in our Winter Park, Florida office. *I'll discuss more about the Liquid Gold Fat Bank in a later blog post. There are more important reasons why fat grafting may be a better option than facial fillers that we can discuss in person at our office. It's important that you go to a plastic surgeon that has the experience and latest technology to perform a fat grafting procedure. Bougainvillea Clinique offers both extensive fat grafting experience and the latest FDA approved technology to make your fat grafting experience truly the most natural ful-fill-ing experience and satisfied outcome.