Which Type of Liposuction is Best for YOU?

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There are so many types of liposuction these days and even more marketing. The marketing can be very confusing and even misleading at times. We offer various liposuction procedures but it's not one size fits all. Just because it exists doesn't mean it's the right option for your body type. All the various types listed below will have incisions, require 5-7 days for recovery and a post-operative compression garment will need to be worn. Some types of liposuction can be done under local anesthesia. However, depending on the amount of surgical time needed and if multiple areas are to be treated, some type of anesthesia is highly recommended. Since Dr. Hartog has a fully accredited ACHA surgery center, he can provide all types of anesthesia.

1. Tickle Liposuction: The low frequency vibration removes body fat while respecting the surrounding tissues; resulting in smooth contour and a rapid recovery.  Another benefit of Tickle Lipo is that it can be performed under straight local, which is appealing for some patients who do not want to be put to sleep.

2. Smart Liposuction: "SmartLipo uses laser technology to melt and liquefy the fat within the fat cells. In addition, it smoothes and tightens the skin to decrease the looseness that one sometimes sees with traditional liposuction. It can be utilized alone to treat smaller areas of fat, such as below the chin, or in combination with liposuction to remove larger areas of fat such as in the abdomen, flanks and thighs." from Smart Lipo website ** Please know Smart Lipo still requires use of regular liposuction cannula. People tend to think it's non-surgical/non-invasive.

3. VASER Liposuction: "VASER Lipo uses a minimally invasive technique calledLipoSelection® to selectively break apart and gently remove unwanted fat. The high frequency vibration of VASER® ultrasonic probes causes the fat cells to shake apart and combine into the tumescent fluid." from VASER website **Again, this is still liposuction. Fat cannot be removed without using a cannula.

4. Aqua Liposuction: "AQUALIPO ® is liposuction that uses technology with a gentle, water-based fat removal system. First, your AQUALIPO ® surgeon uses a powerful water jet fat removal system gently flushes the fat from the body." from Aqua lipo website  This technique can be done under local too.

5. Traditional Liposuction: As with all the techniques listed above, traditional liposuction consists of simply inserting a cannula into the tissues to remove stubborn unwanted fat.

Some options provide better skin tightening, some are less traumatic to the tissues but in the end it's best to focus on your own body. Each patient is unique and has different concerns.

May you look and feel your best!

Courtney K.