Fat Grafting Update - ISPRES Report from Rome #1

Plastic Surgeon Serving Orlando, Winter Park and Nearby Areas of Central Florida

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Rome and Florence. In Rome I attended and presented at the 1st International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery ISPRES, where I presented our protocols and experience with fat grafting using cryopreserved fat from our Liquid Gold Lipobank. The meeting was one of the most outstanding conferences I have ever attended, and it was an honor to be a speaker in the company of many of the pioneers of fat grafting and adipose derived stem cell technologies (ADRC's), from the US, Italy, France, Japan, Germany and Spain. In all 45 countries were represented. I heard outstanding presentations from the pioneers in fat grafting for breast reconstruction, including Dr. Rigotti from Italy, and Drs DeLay and Petit from France, as well as Dr Coleman and Dr. Khouri from the US.

As important as it is to read the groundbreaking articles that these individuals have published, it is even more valuable to hear them present their experiences in person, with thousands of these cases, particularly Dr. Rigotti and Dr. DeLay who have been performing fat grafting for breast reconstruction for over 15 years. I also took the opportunity to meet them personally, ask questions, and discuss their techniques with them directly. I am always astounded at the arrogance, bordering on ignorance of many US plastic surgeons, who brush off this procedure as 'experimental' and disregard the wealth of experience our European colleagues have

There is way too much exciting information for one post, so I plan to be busy posting over the next week or two on many of the presentations, and letting our patients know how we incorporate these advanced techniques and technologies into our practice.